Booking Lira - The Lira Ensemble
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Impromptu folk dance class at Sulzer Regional Library


The Lira Ensemble is available for engagements of all kinds, from one singer or instrumentalist or two dancers, to the entire company, including the symphony orchestra, singers and dancers, and any amount of performers in between.

Pulaski Day presentation at Glen Grove School

Lira specializes in Polish and American music for:



Christmas parties



Banquets & luncheons

Lira’s singers are all classically trained, and most have graduate degrees in either performance or music education. In addition, many of them are also professional church musicians, performing for services on a weekly basis. If you are in need of a Polish cantor for a funeral mass, Lira can help by arranging either a soloist or a duet, as well as a trained organist if needed. Please call our office for assistance.

May 3rd, Polish Constitution Day commemoration at Daley Plaza

Lira can perform an entire concert or short performance for you or your organization with any combination of the following:

Polish Christmas carols

Polish court dances

Polish Marian hymns

Polish patriotic music

Music of Frederick Chopin

American music of various types and styles

Polish folk dances of various regions

May 3rd/Polish Constitution Day

Music for Pulaski Day

Polish tangos

Music inspired by Kosciuszko

Or any Polish music and dance you desire

Lira is available for appearances in the Chicago area and all around the US.

For more information and price quotes, please call (773) 508-7040 or (800) 547-5472